How can I be involved with the Campaign?


We need resources to run an effective campaign.
Check made payable to:
Citizens Committee for Oak Hills Schools
Steve Hausfeld, Treasurer
859 Stonebridge Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45233.


We will need support along the way – with yard signs, t-shirts, canvassing, registering voters, working the polls on election day, etc. Drop us an email at and we will add you to the list.


Share the great information about our District along with your support. The District web site is full of great data supporting Oak Hills ….read it, understand it, and spread the good word. If you have a group meeting – invite us! Let’s work together to demonstrate our confidence in our kids, our schools and our community!


Show your support by displaying a levy yard sign. Email with your name and address and a sign will be delivered to your yard.

We ask that you join us in support of the Oak Hills levy on November 5, 2013 by voting YES in support of our strong schools and strong west side tradition!