Levy History

1997 -

3 mill operating levy/3.7 mill bond issue
**built Rapid Run Middle School and expanded Oak Hills High School

2007 -

Millage Transfer

2013 -

On Wednesday, January 23, the Oak Hills Board of Education approved a resolution to place a 4.82 mill emergency operating levy on the May 7, 2013 election ballot. Oak Hills has stayed off the ballot for 16 years.

2013 -

On the May 7 election, the levy did not pass.

2013 -

On Monday, August, 5 the Oak Hills Board of Education approved a resolution to place a 4.82 mill emergency operating levy on the November 5, 2013 election ballot.

Levy Facts

The Oak Hills Local School District is committed to providing our families with factual information regarding the 4.82 mill Emergency Operating Levy. Should you have any questions regarding this information, please contact us directly at 513-574-3200.

  • We have maintained our commitment to high achievement at low cost.
  • Our expenditure per pupil consistently ranks well-below the state average.
  • Our expenditure per pupil is the 3rd lowest in Hamilton County.

We currently have the 3rd lowest school tax rate in Hamilton County.


What type of levy is on the ballot?

Oak Hills is on the ballot for a 4.82 mill Emergency Operating Levy which will provide $5.275 million of operating money over the next five years. This is a limited-term levy which means our voters will have the opportunity to vote to renew this levy in 2018.

Why is the money needed?

Oak Hills has not asked for additional operating money since 1997. Since our last levy was passed in 1997 (3 mills), we have opened Rapid Run Middle School and survived the largest economic downturn of recent times. The District has sustained significant revenue loss from the State – nearly $7 million – forcing us to rely on our cash reserves to maintain the level of education our students deserve. At this point, our cash reserves are being depleted below healthy levels and we need additional revenue to maintain our current courses and class sizes.

Has the district made cuts?

The District has been making cuts since 2010. Our expenditures have been reduced through outsourcing, shared services, layoffs and targeted budget reductions. Administration has been reduced by 23 positions or nearly 40%. All staff were on a two-year pay freeze and administrators are on a three-year pay freeze.

What about the millage transfer?

Oak Hills transferred a portion of our inside millage in 2007 in order to provide for a permanent improvement fund to maintain the safety and security of our buildings. This fund has provided for the replacement of school buses, boiler and roof replacements, improved safety features, enhanced technology and other maintenance improvements across the district’s nine school buildings. The resulting tax increase of 3.69 mills is the only school tax increase paid by our voters since 1997. The other 21 school districts in Hamilton County have passed over 86 levies during that same time. Oak Hills has had one 3.69 mill increase dedicated to preserving the infrastructure of our District.

What happens if the levy passes?

If the levy passes, Oak Hills will continue to provide the high-quality education our students deserve with reasonable class sizes and robust opportunities for electives, such as foreign language, music and physical education.

What happens if the levy fails?

If the levy fails, Oak Hills will be forced to make significant changes to our schedule and course offerings across the District. We will need to eliminate over 50 employees, including 46 teachers, drastically increasing our class sizes and availability to offer electives.

How much will the levy cost?

A 4.82 mill operating levy will cost a homeowner of a $100,000 house $14.06 per month.

  • The State of Ohio cut $6.8 million dollars in funding to the Oak Hills Local School District’s budget since 2009.
  • Oak Hills Schools cut 30% of administrative staff since 2009 and all administrators have been on a pay freeze for 3 years.
  • Oak Hills Schools produce excellent results at below average costs. The average cost per pupil and administrative costs at Oak Hills are lower than state average. Oak Hills has one of the lowest total costs per pupil rates in Hamilton County.
  • Oak Hills has not had a levy increase in 16 years.
  • Oak Hills has the 3rd lowest school taxes in Hamilton County.
  • A 4.82 mill operating levy will cost a homeowner $14.06 per month on $100,000 of assessed property valuation.
For more information, contact Ronda Johnson, district treasurer at johnson_r2@ohlsd.org or call 513-574-3200. Information can also be found on the district website at ohlsd.us.